1. To join you must be a Veteran, spouse of a Veteran, or small business that employee's a Veteran who will be representing and speaking on behalf of the company. If said employee is terminated and the company no longer employs a Veteran to fill their seat, then they will forfeit their position within 90 days. 
    1. Verification of Veterans status by DD-214, Retirement ID Card, or VA ID card, if warranted may need more than one verification
    2. Character and business referrals will be completed prior to acceptance.
  2. Exclusive in nature Not having more than one in a subcategory and understanding they joined in one category but if the seat is vacated, they may move into a vacant seat with approval from the membership committee.
  3. Attendance is crucial to help the group grow; excessive absences will be discussed with leadership and the membership committee for early termination. 
    1. The initial membership fee once accepted is $214 this covers running the website, facilities, marketing materials, QuickBooks account, and banking account with 2 signatures. No refunds if terminated early.
    2. Membership is annual, there are monthly dues to cover coffee and snacks. Monthly dues are $25 or can be paid at the beginning of one's membership for $214. No refunds if terminated early. 
  4. At the end of each physical year, a portion of the funds in the coffer will be donated to a selected non-profit.
    1. A portion of the proceeds will be used to host an annual dinner. 
  5. Inviting a qualified guest to attend for recruitment
  6. This format will be designed to be replicated by other Veterans in their own community. 
  7. Honesty is the best policy be upfront. 
  8. Disqualifiers will be subject to the decision of leadership.
  9. Non-Profit members if founded by a Veteran then allowed, if founded by Non-Veterans but service the Veteran community they will have a board member who is a Veteran to sit in as a representative. 

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